What being an antivaccer results in

stupidOK i did this once before here (my blog) but with certain theme parks now becoming infection zones you do wonder what happens to them.

Enlightenment can be found from those who had it is damming


I had a cousin who was brain damaged by measles as a toddler in the early 1970s and died in her teens in the mid-1980s from an embolism I believe was related. People lately seem to think measles is like the chicken pox. It’s not.



I’m a rubella baby. Massive congenital heart defect, for which I had surgery at the ripe old age of two. I can’t ever get life insurance now.

I came and conquered, and then left it

I came and conquered, and then left it

I wonder if those large corporations might change those terms and condition and start suing parents who might make a trip to a child friendly/centred location for loss of business for those ‘illnesses’,  As to one of those it is interesting that a republican policy of insurance for health is null argument with no immunisation of which those people also have no faith in.

The republican religious right might not like science/abortion,video games or teenager books but its one way of population control (my blog).

I also do not see this as an advert for american tourism either.  It would be nice if the msm would include the victims rather than simply just talk to the cranks who think garlic cures aids (my blog), and there usual tricks of bad science reporting (my blog)

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