064 and the great firewall of china

mention him and no more china

mention him and no more china

Bananas likes ssh. As do many others. One day i got fed up with chinese script kiddies and began to mention non compatible words into the motd message displayed to all

The Dala Lama* was first and strangely the kiddies still came but not from china.  064 (my blog) is an interesting keyword too.

These are password hints not actual passwords and I have an experiment after all it is being read by the firewall.

chinaAnyhow i was required to reboot the server in question so to be even nicer i decided not to load any chinese ranges that i would usually drop.  Once done and with a very minimalism blocklist brazil came, as did india

Its gone really quiet from China.  The odd Hong Kong address goes through but the thing that blocks attempts is still busy.  It seems fishy that the hordes of ssh chinese probers went silent so quickly.

* who is without a chinese reincarnation permit.

by golly but...

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