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Bananas does not like Rupert Murdoch (my blog), or that other one and i freely admit will never find a perfect newspaper.  That’s a good thing.

The Daily Telegraph (now jersey owned) has been caught up in some ethical problems with the names Sony (my blog) and a bank (my blog)  Before this it could not report on its old owner a certain Conrad Black seen in the image who was deemed to have done some unethical share trading.  His wife still writes for it i believe under an maiden name.

I was interested in this not for the bank aspect but the fake reviews and if editorial silence can be bought or made moot it might explain why the books it reviews sound so awful.

It is not my only source of picking up titles for reading but this integrity thing is going to need some work.

So if your paying for good book reviews in that newspaper your wasting your money in my humble opinion.  Since i dont see cinema released films Sony are most welcome to continue to pay them.

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