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isbn; 9781780893051 is my first ever Brand book.  I apologise in advance for reading a chav book should you be thinking why is this here.

Mr Brand is a motormouth, an ex drug addict, apparently rich and as seen on television and film.  His affinity to think that mother Theresa was a nice person (not here) is his error although a common perception as most of those lot are worse.

He is personable despite those flaws so this is not about the man but the concepts.  In fact it is good to have another voice who is not a ppe

Analogies are the ‘thing’ shopping centres (my blog) and snatched snippets of conversations make brief chapters along with the names of other shopping malls. Tibetan monks and religion and a brief bit of this (my blog) and that (also my blog) mean if you act on the stuff i blog on there is not a much of ‘new’ here unless the odd hari kristina is deemed new thought .

He does point out problems such as income equality in between trying to love himself better but there’s not much original to be found from my perspective.

The book mellows and even admits that while everything is not ok, it semi works and an perfect world comes with threats too.

1/5 bananas meh however maybe it will make some chav’s think.

I failed to finish it

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