Some not in a cinema near you film reviews

Late to the party but then as i am not getting paid to pimp stuff unlike these people (my blog) these come when it comes.

ImageThe railway man

imdb: tt2058107 something to do with world war 2 and has no superheroes in either.  Not a happy film but engaging even without superheroes in.

5/5 bananas

7samuraiSeven Samurai

imdb: tt0047478 I am not a fan of sword films on the whole although i make an exception for kill bill (my blog)so when i finally got round to seeing this – with subtitles (my blog) was worthy of a see and a late night.

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt1454468 is a film by the chap who did this (my blog). Oddly the disc thing was bought (my blog) and after many weeks it was finally opened and yes it was cheaper than the whole tribe of apes going to see it at a cinema.

It is well done and has few actors in it, it proves that the next moon landings could be faked as was implied by Stanley Kilbuck. I however like it for its space brothers (my blog) type story

It is a dialogue free and relies on special effects. So i still prefer space brothers. You could accuse gravity of trying to keep space for the special people* rather than a place for all.

What is interesting about this film is the disagreement between writer tess gerritsen (not here) and studio.

1/5 bananas – elitist.

* monkeys have been to space (my blog) – have you (my blog).


imdb: tt1535108 is a film by a director who did this (my blog) and it did not need the hollywood star. Its message (my blog) is interesting but the good idea turned bad by the mpiaa means its going get low bananas.

2/5 bananas very low word count.

Its been months since i have been in a cinema and i seem to have discovered that all the films i wish to see go straight to dvd.  Its not a problem,  Lets just say i am glad i dont run a cinema. One weird job in the cinema industry is a person who respells* words for catalogs color becomes colour.  I bet that job cost several thousand dollars.

* not magic

by golly but...

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