The funny world of land rover and range rover owners

landroverBananas does not get the classic cars ‘thing’ and while i do recognise that a 1920’s model t ford has better mpg than a newer ford i am an ape who likes good engineering.  However there is something just too wacky with land and range rover restorers.  First built at the end of the 1940’s its a gas gulper certainly not aerodynamic but apparently it is liked by the jungle explorers (my blog).

The inefficiencies in city operation are sort of covered by converting from liquid like petrol to lpg which means you cannot do the channel tunnel (my blog) and need the right sort of engine. I see that these conversions don’t really pay off for the restorer so it a hobbyist thing.

Then i find out that the older land rover is no good if it turns over as the frame is certainly not modern car safe.

That leaves you with an inefficient motor that yes might be simple* to fix that seems it only redeeming feature is well its a classic reasoning.


* provided its not the suspension

by golly but...

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