The Microsoft problem of the pc industry (or superfish)



Many of you think Microsoft is a good idea.  I see them in a totally bad way.  You think documents i think dirty tricks (my blog).  There os and extremely lame server tools yes do work but i dont want or use microsoft products.

I still buy pc’s but the crapware be it internet explorer or superfish is an encouragement of a bribe that the mafia would be proud of.  Without microsoft there might not have been linux but then the dirty tricks of microsoft which resulted in anti trust action are well documented elsewhere.

So even though i detest this microsoft stuff its is a non trivial task to buy no os computers. I usually get my way (my blog) so i consider them detrimental to pc makers.  It makes the big players lazy, and greedy yes i dont buy big brands.

Its easy to point fingers at the hardware supplier – however i see the problem at microsoft’s door.

mafia run the british red cross

nice shop window there

I am not anti choice please run what you want but run it because you want to not because it came installed.  It is easy to be lazy i see it in other things too.  The throwaway society it could be described as but why should i actively avoid having to buy items i hate like microsoft products that never will be used just to keep the mafia operation at Microsoft in fees?

For the record i have never bought Lenovo products.

by golly but...

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