bitcoin speed bumps

handbagAfter getting a purse [and 18gb of transactional data]  (my blog) i begin to look in using it. Its empty anyhow so it will not do you any good to steal zero.

I first looked into buying what may or may not be a currency – to do i had to spend a fortune of government forms, and several months later i still could ‘pass; the traders validation.  I asked them to delete my application and that seemed to make it ok.  They did not delete and i have not bought or sold anything with this account.  They have since disappeared**.  So that looks like an extra couple of months where bitcoin is still an unknown experience.

An odd experience.

Anyhow i find yet another trader, and that too requires a login and other stuff i don’t have. I get no further

In the past i have discussed wrong software problems – i try something called a muiltibit wallet and as do not have oracle java it leaves a pile of poo on the floor

[main] DEBUG org.multibit.MultiBit – Creating user interface with initial view : WELCOME_VIEW
at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.checkHeadless(
at java.awt.Window.<init>(
at java.awt.Frame.<init>(

minefieldAnyhow with bitcoin ‘core’ version 0.9.0 complains i have the wrong complier, so back to bitcoin 0.8.6 we go [a rename].

It will be nice when these windoze users figure out linux or ubuntu types start doing debian, and use non oracle java.

Mining is an option i thought and i eventually compiled a miner to find that the compute power is not worth it*.   Although once fully discovered miners become redundant in btc land.

The bitcoin community seem to be at best microsoft windows gamer users or custom pc’s rather than normal human beings.  As i run linux and apparently have neither the cpu /gpu power and hate windows means buying stuff and as so far bar government forms costs that i use for other things i have spent no money on this niche area.

Its written stuff online is very short hand, or has offering that are ‘coming soon’ .  I do not seen btc as a welcoming currency, and while it may be revolutionary throws up speed bumps.  Somehow i do not see playstation miners, or apple users getting apps on there lock downed platforms although the argument that gpu on any gaming console is best soon declines as the age of the design designates that factor.

I think i have use of btc but no way do i consider it a currency through a lack options for even mere mortals.

Indeed yes i could buy a expensive gpu, change everything, and do stuff but the btc community need to do more to be accommodating assuming that they can get past the gatekeepers like apple who probably do not want to do bitcoin and are pressured by shady types to say no.

Bitcoin in the space of a year has gone 10000 bitcoins for one pizza to under 1 which would buy you 40* pizzas so the value as a trading unit (opposed to mining*** it) undermine it. As how much is that pizza worth.

I have not spent anything on this adventure to get to this point and until i have to use it. Months later my adventures in btc have come to a halt.

*on a 24×7 box already ** no trading had happened  *** assume a $15 per pizza / 600usd @ 1 btc – no tip included

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