The first fifteen lives of Harry August,Catherine Webb

jellyfishisbn: 9780356502571 should come with warnings that Webb wrote the book under an alias, and that she is ya book person, the book is heavily promoted in chav book reading circles and top ten book list aspirations and i am only reading it as it came up in a list nominated by such persons.

With that out of the way i can start. And in chapters of exactly two pages this is a book even a jellyfish could read.

Harry is a traditional history buff 1066, 1992, Chernobyl and gets better every time he lives and dies.

Sooner rather later it resorts to spy type thing set in chapters of about two pages and here is where i lose the plot and could not give a stuff.

Anyhow i will keep this short in the style written as to reflect the goldfish nature of this book.

0/5 bananas

by golly but...

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