In which bananas in the falklands visits a department store.

smile !

smile !

Bananas is not a retail visiting monkey, it had something to do with cinderella (my blog).  Off i go with the alpha ape to look at a unit which he likes for size and impression.  He was tempted to purchase it but it can wait.

Getting to the shop required transport, and it was the January sales quite when the ‘best’ sale is a question i cannot answer.  So we eventually get to the section but pass a mountain of crap and the make up and perfume staff looking occupied in make work tasks rather than customer focused sell tasks.

Unfortunately i saw no william and kate teapots (my blog).  So the experience is one i will not be repeating anytime soon.

Overall the world of television is very Fahrenheit 451 (my blog) and not my world .

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