British Telecom and email.

The zoo knows people with British telecom broadband*, they popped in one day and told us that there email was not working and apparently had to change that once working isp email address to a new one.  That sounds fishy anyhow the lesson was learnt that these non technical users should set up an non bt email account that should always work rather than being adjusted every week

So if they do get totally pissed off with bt they can move without email hassle holding them back.

moranPossibilities exist that

  1. the help person probably had no idea so a new email address was the only solution
  2. somebody within bt can be bribed to take over existing email accounts
  3. bt plc are technically incompetent (my blog)

Evidence exists that 1 & 3 could happen – they ‘lost’ a dns server and it was reported but apparently most of the people did not know that , 2 is speculation at this point.  However with non isp email i wonder if bt plc just made migrating to another broadband supplier a great deal easier.  I am not sure BT will like that but what they did is done thanks to yahoo (my blog).

* oh dear

by golly but...

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