Christendom destroyed europe 1517-1648,Mark Greengrass

meanderisbn 97807199908667 was an economist pick

This book meanders** into how houses where built, mini ice ages, the odd revolt. Ironically money and the discovery of the new world gave the place a name.

A conclusion early on is Christian faith did not bring much benefit to the ideas of greek or roman rule simply repress it

Anyhow once you have yawned to death (or slashed your wrists) and hit page 200 some of that interesting shit starts to happen. No i have no idea why i told you about how houses are built but that’s authors for you.

Still awake ?

After yet another huge information dollop about royalty Martin Luther (the european not the american) gets a mention on page 300, there is pro catholic bias here by the author, and there hate of women* in power also shows that these catholic’s are not exactly nice.

I began to get bored of whatever the latest distraction was arround page 500 but the catholic church got rich and offered little in return and that created the nations of europe is a fair summary.

sausage-v.SM1/5 bananas oh and i do like sausages do you ?

* eizabeth 1 ** see image

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