Elsa the new monkey house television

frozenElsa is the nom de plume of the new Samsung tv (my blog) bought to replace cinderella (my blog).  No the zoo or the chimps are not into frozen but princessing seems to be a thing for televisions.

She is thinner than the ‘gross’ crt cinderella was and the alpha here in the zoo can even work the device.  Although accessing the online bit of the tv is a bit beyond him but that also works.

The manual is 200+ pages. The usb ports are interesting [could do what a video does] and it could connect to wireless and wired nas devices.

Its web browser is not very good and points to microsoft by default – oh dear Samsung.  It suffers from apps and i have no idea how you delete or add apps as i think you need a samsung account something i am unwilling to setup as that matches us to advertisers.

It looks as if updates are provided but time will tell if that is an empty promise.

The only thing it seems to be missing is a on / off switch for the power



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