Black history, lgbt, and chicken in libraries months

moving on

not a book

I read that yesterday was ‘world book day’ when chavs dress up as there favourite film character and parade that ignorance around schools and libraries which is a day best left to chavs and chav princesses in disney dresses***** after all adhesive stickers are sort of book like.

Anyhow as i use a library the rest of the year (thats the remaining 364 days) and read what i think sounds good, and yes i also read some crap although i have yet stoop to books of stickers from films although i have had some interesting books i did not lend on my card. However if i only read ‘black’ books i would never enter a library. So you want to know more ?

OK so you said yes and this story begins with Octavia E. Butler and if do a search on that it shows NO books and one mid sequel on audio cassette which is you know about two formats behind cdrom.

Black people it seem don’t read black books, and i also cannot read them unless i buy it.  I do read black books like this and that *** and something else [not in our library system]  but it would be nice if the black people also read books from the library rather than rely on that one audio cassette.

Perhaps Octavia E. Butler who is dead** is also crap so perhaps its best that the library system has no Octavia E. Butler.   I can be patronising about black history month and Butler.

If you know of black authors worth reading comment and i will see if i get them from library system.


oh my

lgbt [lesbian gay and transgender] month is even worse most of those titles my library does not have due to section 28 that the conservatives passed millions of years ago.

So if i want to read feminist works like Joanna Russ or Herland (my blog) which are not lgbt its from a more accepting area.  I doubt that these exist unless mills and boon romance novels are classed that way.  The nearest mainstream ‘gay’ author i can think of is Alan Hollinghurst who is as seen on the booker prize list.  This lgbt thing is confusing is Hollinghurst non worthy of a month ?.

As I did not cite for ether ‘l’ ‘b’ or ‘t’ in that please dont get offended i have read ‘t’ which you can seek in your time trust me that they too came from outside the section 28 zone.



Quite why hug a chicken month is not a thing in libraries is baffling me.  A conclusion to this is libraries also hate chickens.

OK so now its over to you can you answer those burning questions after the event.

* holiday time for librarians?  ** normally a good thing for an author as all the profits go to the publisher. *** I bought that item.***** i doubt those lot even know what a library is

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