Sanctimonious charity campaigns.

outrageBananas was watching a film one evening not in a cinema when an advert for a charity suggested that a text to a appeal would save* somebody for a day from the ills of society.

I do not set society rules and have a few problems as the catholic church (my blog) is head high in the shit creating those ills.  The other problem is being moral does mean people wish to be (wisely or unwisely) and so it is a choice.

jimmysalvileAnother huge assumption here is charities and ngo’s do this not for the work but recognition like an 140,000** yearly salary or give awards to politicians like Tony Blair who as a legal barrister who made a few dollars selling off the nhs is no thirsty victim in a drought.

I was not moved.

The other problem (my blog) with all this is when somebody is seen as untouchable it creates a culture where there can be no self doubt as the money trumps laws and customs be it societal or paying import duty (my blog).

* lets assume the advert cost nothing as a wrong assumption ** not an inflationary economy sum eg the price of a loaf of bread

by golly but...

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