Weird ‘get rich’ and ‘sponsored by’ blogger attitudes

jordan belfort

jordan belfort

I dont really understand many bloggers – take this (my blog) either for the rejection of consumerism or that I consider it too much i am deemed wanting by bloggers trying to sell get rich quick schemes ?scams?.

Sponsored bloggers are also an odd bunch getting that means the posts soon apparently then dry up when before in non sponsored mode came freely.

Lets face facts about the jeans –

  • there probably made in a country with no union representation
  • there value is over estimated
  • i did not even mention online prices
  • lets also assume there are two shifts an official one and a fake shift
  • do i need to go on ?
Samuel Israel bit of crook

Samuel Israel bit of crook

So what is so wrong with fixing jeans ?  Help me out those of you who pay full retail price. Are your role models Mr Belfort or Mr Israel ? Do tell.


by golly but...

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