Intel Wireless-N 7260 pains and other tales

are you shrek ?

are you shrek ?

Does both wifi and blue tooth in theory however on linux that is tricky even with the 3.11 + kernel i got wifi in wheezy (my blog) but no blue tooth, with the 3.02 kernel i got just blue tooth although i still regard bluetooth as shit (my blog)

wheezyI moved to jessie (debian testing) and got both blue tooth and wifi working after some reloading of bluedevil as i hate gnome (my blog) and spent a fun hour removing that crap along with mono another disease of linux.

Yes i was configuring a new computer with linux, (my blog) Debian mostly worked out of the box except for n7260 card which you know of.  Speaking of other distros Sparkylinux failed do anything via a usb boot that was an option for the old deceased unit anyhow.

Bsd (my blog) interests me and i just might vurtualise an instance as i dont known a lot on the admin side as my hate of systemd grows (my blog) .  I booted a free bsd cd and that worked although where i go from there is something of a mystery to all the apes in the monkey house.

I bought a bto pc from in the uk.  I did not pay the microsoft tax and suggest you dont either.

It is interesting as my first quad core processor does a good job with threads and while it may be overkill for a lot of things streaming is a lot better so while we all think noting changes on the back end it seems things do.

The unit has a few things you will not miss if your coming from an asus or brand name pc like a light on the power brick.  Its battery is grossly over estimated but with powertop and kde adjustments it does sort of live up to 70% of the expectations and the power on button is an singular thing.

However that is made up with decent wifi power 180gb throughput at times with this (my blog) and that seems stable despite the games.  The keyboard is ok and as i have a bigger keyboard now it will something i will adjust to.

The thing also came with hdmi which was undocumented and that seems to work.

I normally dont deal with hardware but in twelve hours i had transferred a lot of data and got the os and networking things all working so i am happy.  The wifi bit of the N 7260 is ok but is not perfect with beacons and discovery of new hotspots sometimes requires a ifdown and then ifup to get wifi back.

I do not do much in the way of wifi so it is liveable with.

by golly but...

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