Dect telephone replacement

The monkey houses main telephone was deemed in need of replacinghellotmobile by the alpha ape for some reason or another so after some troubleshooting with rechargeable batteries the base station was deemed too elderly to do its job.

Mind you it was second hand when bought and a ex display model and even the web shop it was bought from is no longer in business.

People are are lazy it seems with phones you either buy a set of them or one phone.  As the additional handsets are classed as ok i have the job of re-registering the phones to the new base. Equipment wise there dect handsets are ok but as we have an ancient phone which is dect but an older protocol of dect and that does not show much information however it is registered to the new base after a little bit of fun and games.

dectSo i really do not understand why people buy home phones as they do.   Maybe i am crazy reusing stuff.

Anyhow the rest of the apes seem happy about the new phone.

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