The landline phone system with a problem

dectBananas (me) was tasked with the replacement of a dect base station (my blog) with a call recorder although there is a recording service provided by our phone service company which is not british telecom.  An easy job. However i notice that nuisance call blockers are now a thing in these items. I see that these are also migrating to mobiles.

The monkey house does not receive many of those as we are telephone preference listed and do not enter those competitions where you sell your phone number to various marketing professionals.

Telephones do work and here with deregulation there is an actual market that is competitive which is not what you can call america’s monopoly providers with data being fed to the nsa for being patriotic for reasons which threatens them to retain that model of robber baron/oligarch .

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

It is interesting to see that despite the unwillingness of the phone providers to regulate ‘spam’ calls other than voluntary methods the hardware end* of the industry has supplied a solution but with the fixed wired phone line going the way of the dinosaur for people i wonder if the ‘phone spam’ problem will continue to cause its further decline.

* most pots phones are owned by end user, not rented here

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