The local government types who really hate there library users


Harry Potter in disguise

Libraries are funny things (my blog) – ‘universal’ means that councils hate them for being non specific or ring fenced,  say being outside of the comfort zone as say unlike child protection where the worst of the humanity is seen and ‘something’* has to be supposedly (my blog) done about it but perhaps not.

Libraries apparently suffer from not enough** people using then and so get closed down, and to visit an open one means less visits since it being further away and so the council can close more down.

So having deemed library users fat lazy slobs as we cannot walk to a local library since it got closed down these jobs worth’s the decide those of us who do visit libraries need to get fit.

I am not joking.   Whoever came up with this genius idea and the funding for sport in libraries i would be very happy to burn them to death for assuming i am a fat lazy slob and also closing down places where a car,bus or use of a broomstick*** is not a required piece of equipment to get a book.

So if your in library management and call me a slob i do hope you have life insurance.

* although that probably wont happen (my blog) and a public enquiry to not change anything will take place. ** who defines this is a secret *** nimbus 2000 ?

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