Ripe (ip allocation), Me, Mark S. Schlissel and the University of Michigan College of Engineering

irritantBananas knows there is ‘shortage’ of ip v4 addresses. ipv6 (my blog) is sort of supported but there are issues..  Most of us reading this have ipv4 or use a converter from ipv6 to read this.  Oh i would love an ipv6 range.

Ripe, arin, and apnic along with afrinic and lacnic manage the ip space and so quite why europe [that’s ripe] gave a set of ranges as

To the University of Michigan College so they can piss me off with internet scanning is beyond me.   If i ever find myself in the same room as a University of Michigan College president or scumbags there will be violence and bananas in strange places to be extracted by doctors..

I have yet to permanently black-hole them but i suggest that you never hire any genius from there.

I guess if you look through your logs your see them too