A quick look at netflix – via a smart tv

monkeycoupleThe alpha ape in the monkey house has discovered netflix, or not that netflix exists but is able to access it on a television (my blog).  I was told to set up a months free trail and did so on a computer, before doing the simple login stuff on the pc.

Netflix works on a television and i had a look at its content.

I make these quick observations

  1. channel four – that’s british and known for stuff like the inbetweeners* is duplicated from 4od streaming although 4od is extremly rubbish
  2. japanese anime like this (my blog) is duplicated too
  3. quite a few films have already been seen on tv like this (my blog)
  4. There is a huge load of scientology ** and ilk (my blog) stars and a minus point imho
  5. Spongebob (my blog) is available too
  6. Being fair to netflix some films i have not seen are available.
  7. original content looks good

So a fair amount of duplication if you look hard enough to find alternatives for free.

The japanese anime selection did not impress me, don’t expect j-dramas (my blog) but if you lazy stuff like this (my blog) is available without getting a dvd which makes netflix a cheaper option for me as a dvd costs £ 3 to hire locally.

asbo in an morning suit

asbo in an morning suit

OK yes i am being a bit snobby with my japan influence and comparing bananas with sushi athough its a place to compare stuff from.

There are some interesting mass market missing in action things say Nolans dark knight (my blog) films.  Although the copyright lobby are also a player in trying to make netflix a non option.

We might also need to upgrade our download cap on our broadband. If you donit change the playback settings this might be problem – i have set ours on medium.

I could theoretically break even on netflix by seeing two films month however since i am not a big film viewer and have concerns over what i see i am doubting it will be kept..

* not seen ** scientologists and loony christians (my blog) should not be encouraged with viewings that make a business case for films.