Revisiting the Megan Stammers [now Williams] question


megan stammers

There is a book called the runaway schoolgirl, and it is written by a Mother under the name Davina Williams as isbn: 9781784181208 which i assume is a maiden name or husband name version two or three after all the name Stammers is bit tainted.

Strangely i was aware of this on publication and found it sitting on library shelf* after a trawl through the newer arrivals on the computer one night some months later.

This is a ‘defence’ to the accusations of her being a bad mother from the mumsnet types (my blog) and rather than eat humble pie that the below link and drama provided, but it also lets me revisit the Megan ‘Williams’ question (my blog). To remind you her daughter went to France with a schoolteacher named Jeremy Forrest and made the news.

So i thought it was worth a read.  After all questions seek answers and if you do something like a book then either no more questions are asked or more are needed.  More questions are raised.

Anyhow the word for the ‘mother’ here is helicopter parent and not all was well in the family of which a number of people are also complicit in what happened.  The lies that nothing was wrong even when this was going on with the family unit are perhaps another indicator of damage of some type.

Blame here is for other people and she gives it out in dollops. Not very constructive.

0.1/5 rage induced bananas  The score was reduced further for censorship imposed on google

It will be interesting to see what happens next within this family dynamic, and as this might be considered her retribution on family actions as her name is mentioned in the press and so feels deemed judged.  That might bring money in but quite what it will do for them as a social group is open for debate.

* free !