Obsolete formats

51FQRFAZFFL._SY300_The monkey house was about to dump its last video/dvd player for a blueray thing until it got reprieved and saved money not that the zoo has any blueray disks after buying a thinner princess.

I was sneaky by demonstrating to the alpha ape just how many obsolete formats we had in the monkey house – result no blueray device although the smaller percent of modern dvds i guess might** work in the blueray thing.

The other concern with blueray is the software.  if a disk needs version b, and the player has version a then the player is useless.

However I am wondering what to with my star trek original series video cassette tapes. in the future as they are now ‘obsolete’   However i read that blueray is a dead duck as well and uhd is the next thing so that pinkray stuff i mention came true.

It is kind of scary how this stuff dates in terms of format rather than content.  Although it has some of the cast introducing it, it still looks good with new tv, but this (my blog) despite being on an ‘ancient’ format which you also include blueray now..

The blank tapes for tv recording got dumped the cassettes and dvd’s stayed and so i guess it will be a few more years until i have to think about what to do with those trek vcr’s

Perhaps buying disks is a thing past its sell by date and i should encourage the monkey house to try netflix  which is possible..

all links are to this blog.

** unknown since nobody we know has a blueray thing.

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