Lingo,Gastro Dorren

wordisbn: 978817812544165 sounded interesting and several months later it appeared via a library,(my blog) a copy i reserved went missing via the library kleptomaniac and so they had to buy it again.

Anyhow with the book in hand i read it and it is bit wooly.  Chapters are short and unless you like a polyglot you will just have to take his word for the stuff especially with language families.

It is not complete waste of time, but languages have to citizen sponsored which raises questions about national tongues.  Of interest is that the information is presented coherently and makes sense which is something no teacher seems to do.

Overall an interesting as a common european language is sort of starting to emerge although thats going to take a long time and since many are already shared it will be interesting to see if suffers like national languages do with dialects.

3/5 bananas