Netflix japanese anime

psypassTends to err on the popular side* on netfix (my blog), oh which sword art online (my blog) is a part of.  Don’t expect j dramas (my blog) which can be found else where.

Psycho Pass was the one i watched being not on my radar or at the places i usually visit and it was fine even though dubbed (my blog) is an option – i remained with the subtiitles – no audio description thankfully.

This is a good for an introduction to 1984, we, and other books where an perfect society is looked at via those who do not fit in. It is thoughtful and if your wondering what to watch** then you might well do with giving it a try.

I prefer j dramas to anime these days but thats just bananas for you.  Overall a pleasant experience if mainstream for my liking

4/5 bananas.

* not the ones i like.  ** it is easy to pick something you know rather than new.


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