goodhouse, Peyton Marshall

what the f**k is Bagatelle

what the f**k is Bagatelle

isbn: 9780857521903 is a book dealing with the questions of dna tests and indicators, so sub optimum people.  Written from that perspective the book struggles to identify its problems and that indicators only work on males not females too.  That scientific howler let through made me think inconsistent.

What do you do with these people is where a big government contracting outfit is also briefly mentioned although as Rotherham indicates not all is well in civil servant land (my blog)

The book is an attempt at a dystopia with cookies being made and emulates the girl guides in trying to give everybody type two diabetes.

There is also a quota of jesus believing nut jobs, experiments, making fire wood, and mass murder although our protagonist sees none of this just the fact that he is famous for doing the right thing in the wrong way.

Its not terrible writing but a bit sketchy for liking, and the non fiction sources listed might be better than this.

3/5 bananas.