Computer phobics anonymous and something about Albert a dead relative.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

I visited the library like i do (and you should too) and collected a book. The library was busy and a man who was an expert in ancestry was also there telling people that a one point they had an uncle albert from rwanda who liked eating bananas or something.

Instead of the morse code emitting human (my blog) i get the computer phobic and that is where the tale begins.

Miss Phobic notices the large queue for those of us who already know about  uncle Albert and his bananas and tries to login into the computer (my blog) I have the reservation in hand i patiently wait.

I sense the phobic as soon as she is in front of the computer as it is not logged in and that causes comments to be made.  On the third attempt another human logs in for her.

Minutes later then i hear the dreaded ‘can i help you’ from woman with it phobia.

uncle albert

uncle albert

I pass the book and the library thing and hope for the best and alas the phobic cannot scan the book and on the forth attempt something about the window focus is mentioned by yet another human who takes over.  Eventually it works on attempt five and i say thank you and leave being glad i did not have to pay library fees as well or have a query.

Life – i wonder if uncle albert had those issues

by golly but...

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