thunderbirdsIs an ‘iconic’ 1960’s program that inspired team america world police (my blog) into a hit it has been rebooted several times i think and seems to have a version that works.

Gone are the gender roles, and while the action never stops – so autism friendly while not having strings attached it seems to work.  It is good clean fun although its scheduling says television land is unsure of it. Although this internet ‘thing’ is making a television schedule thing at bit silly.

So your not going to get oral sex like in Team America but despite it being non original its execution seems to work and nice to see a happier version of the future and it is not made by the bbc who dont own the rights and who get blamed by all including the luvies (my blog) for stuff not happening like as it is tuesday today**.

There is an interesting subtext to the idea of thunderbirds that the public services sector might not like if you think about it.

* include rupert murdoch  ** all tuesday’s are bad.