Local planning laws and councils

One day a member of the local council came round and spoke to us apes here in the zoo. They assumed too much knowledge about local planning regulation that we actually knew of. Here is example what can you do in a conservation area?.*

tunnelSo i went looking for a book on planing and building regulation .  I drew a blank – and so asked a librarian (my blog) and found most of them are reference only, using the keywords ‘moron’ we eventually found a £70 book with lots of copies in the prison libraries – we assumed all tunnels are built to building code and inspected in the prison system**..

But his book was also available to to be lent to us mere apes., a fee for my non prison library was required just in case you think this is free (my blog) .  Anyhow some idiot renews the one book and a month goes by before i get this book.

It is informative and was interesting but i see a vast gulf of knowledge between us and your average monkey in dealing planning issues.  it took a month and motivation and money to get this book

Is not democracy is served when one lot know and another struggle to even get up to speed.  Sure planning is not on everyone radar but it seems that getting up to speed is expensive or time consuming.

* nothing to do with politics.** humour – prison libraries seem to have a better stock than the public libraries imho