My first netflix film

killerswas Killers (imdb: tt2409300) and something i had though to do on dvd but netflix preempted it (my blog).  Chromuim on linux [open source san api’s from google] could not show it, so that meant using googles chrome via a deb file being an linux ape.

After a bit of fun with apt-get at command line* it installs and works in linux, please note i did not even bother to try it in firefox.

And I caught up from the tv save point.  If i am to gripe about netflix is the subtitles and the audio description** are the same since i dont speak one of the many Indonesian languages or Japanese and its dialects i dont need it to say bananas is chewing a banana from the zoo and making a loud noise.

Anyhow this is a bit like American Psycho by author Bret Easton Elis (isbn: 0330319922), i have only read the book and i am not refering to its film which i think they made. plus a but of fight club of which i have never seen on film only read the book (my blog)

It is an uncomfortable watch 5/5 bananas

* the gui loader failed. ** the car starts, indistinct noise