The simple dream of ldap dashed once more

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Ldap is something the monkey house does not need but if we had it i would need four stores, and then connectors to the other four things.  And maybe four ldap admin tools.  So yeah not one instance on one server preconceived ideals most ‘admins’ think normal are out .

I decide to resume my much delayed project and ldap can do the four things in one daemon [we are debian apes] but then come the list of ancient ldap books and the slow realisation that the multiple instances are in an older config format.

So i decide to do it step by step and try out fusiondirectory which if you are non cave dwelling ldap lifeform is a web thing for ldap.

I can do stuff with ldapsearch but in testing debian admin credentials don’t work with fusion directory

failOh well.  I sort of expected that. Nor is it in standard debian

Finally after mutlple go’s i get to login to ldap, but the gosa project interrupts things saying no ldap objects.  Packaging in gosa means i install gosa of fusion directory not both unless i tell .deb packaging to ignore dependencies.

Oh there’s three more ldap stores to create and i want to do this debian stable not testing or next release.

389 directory server needs java (my blog) and tale of woe which is a horrible pile of security issues in its own right.

Lets conclude this fail now.

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