Ghettoside,Jill Leovy


Phoenix Jones

isbn: 9781847923622 has a problem a bit like this (my blog) and feels unwilling to talk about the ‘problem’.  Los Angeles is host to the early example of Dovon Harris .

Mr Simon’s books (my blog) are ‘suggested’ by some blurb authors on the back and it is no way near the quality of those.

Its style is sanctimonious verging from bleeding hearts for victims and hero like appreciation of local policemen.  Scattergun in its approach as Dovon* appears once and then somebody else takes his place.

Eventually i gave up on this list of dead people with a paragraph to them and came to a conclusion that there are better books on the subject than this – i will review one when i have a scheduled space.

Poorly written 0/5 bananas

* i have no idea what happened or care.