Capitalism and the will of an dead ape

Andress Crossley mafia stooge employee of shell firm acs:law

Crossley bit dodgy laeyer

Joy is an alpha female here in the monkey house and some years ago one of her group died and had a will giving Joy a percentage of a Rwandan hill*.

The other apes are poor so equity release after a number of years was considered however that value set out in the will lost 8% via this scheme.

Joy does not need the money** or has pushed the apes to equity release but somehow capitalism has subverted law.  Which is clever if perhaps unethical if you think about it. The land value has increased since this original legal document too despite the value of money weakened due to quantitative easing and other things since this (my blog).

Does capitalism need laws ?

* it sounds like a 419 (my blog) but is not, the hill is not moving ** she has bananas to eat

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