Honourable friends?,Caroline Lucas

lucasisbn: 9781846275937 is a look at democracy from a fresh pair of eyes.  I vote green (my blog*) so although Lucas is not our mp here in the zoo so i could be biased.

Lucas is an ex mep which shows something about this representation business..

Milliband s come with rent boys - On your side ?

Milliband s come with rent boys – On your side ?

Anyhow despite being in a party of one, it presents us with an opportunity to see if it works which is something that is quite hard to do (my blog). An early win was when carter rock a firm of lawyers super injunction-ed (my blog) the press and the story that we where not supposed to know of was made public an advantage of being independent of the main parties could you see Banana waving man doing that ? No not me either.

I do not agree with all things green since they also have some silly ideas but regardless of how bonkers you think that british rail was better than a brand ‘x’ train service so some of the book reads like a manifesto.

4/5 bananas a bit scattershot.

Most of the suggested reading is not available from a library, or if so marked reference

* i would also consider voting pirate party