Film notes

Every once in blue moon i do something like below.  It will be a while until the next lot.


imdb: tt2258858 was something that should have been on at 3am because of subtitles and not having superheroes in but instead got a showing at a decent hour on television.  A film from Saudi Arabia and worth seeing


imdb: tt1531901 was a dvd release so not sure this even made it to a cinema along with the other films that seemed to go straight to shiny plastic land.

This film focuses on vampires and has an interesting take and location.  I liked it


imdb: tt2209764 sounded interesting although again it seemed not to get a cinema release.  Focusing on technology it is sort of the best forbin project* we are likely to get although the main star is a  bit wooden and there is a lot of faraday cages**. Its meaning is contrived and convoluted at the end where both the status quo and benefits are lost to an era of no electrical things. Meh.

* made in 1970 or something and despite the wrongness of many concepts by today still stands up as worthy ai film ** although there is some weird science involved in this film.

google maps mia

lost_touristBananas was reading that not only does google maps still exist but nobody seems to use it.  Features a long time ago fell off it like api’s and even i moved to open street map.  I dont see any google maps used on the sites i use.

it used to be everywhere.

Returning to obscurity.

guess who this person is

guess who this ‘famous” person is

Bananas awoke one morning and read in a newspaper broadsheet that some bbc tv presenter was moving to chav tv (my blog). I did not know this person who apparently was ‘famous’ for doing something else and so it appears that the presenting aspect is not the be all and end all of life [not that i do a lot television viewing to begin with].

My brain then reminds that while the move is probably motivated with a cash incentive the fate of such people means a healthy return to obscurity.

Having not watched either the person or the channels in question who does this person replace ? Well not being totally unaware there once where two bbc presenters that did the same thing. They failed to bring in the viewers and i think they used to get an occasional once a blue moon job of reading an autocue.

It is no loss but it shows that while chav tv might have cash they are also unsentimental.

Hack Attack,Nick Davies

not supposed to be read by anybody

not supposed to be read by anybody

isbn: 978070187309 is an Orwell prize list nominated and a book on Rupert Murdochs (my blog) phone hacking operation. Hopefully it will be better than this (my blog). The lesson being neutral rather than being an actual piece on the chess board.

Nick Davies starts from the beginning and plods along and after the fact makes this a good read but it does raise questions about the misuse of ripa* and when the police get cosy with the media.

Another interesting fact with with Max Clifford (my blog) who was compensated in the form guaranteed sales of ‘exclusives‘ (my blog) to the value of a million pounds.  I wonder if that ever happened in light what happened as Cllifford got scooped.

One question not answered is do the murdochs have access to sky clients data and phone calls.  I assume yes.

Overall the Murdoch family has been shown up as crooks and liars and corrupt in there boardroom activities so being a shareholder means absolutely zero in influence terms.  But somebody will try and be crook like Murdoch again.

5/5 bananas.

I can also recommend a firefox extension called firerupert, if you occassionally visit a murdoch page it will alert you.

* a law that captures data to be misused.

oh that sounds interesting but – the netflix series problem

netflixBananas and the rest of the monkey house is having issues with netflix.

Mine our that i may have started a series (my blog) but never finished it. I cant remember where i stopped when i gave up watching it first time arround.

The monkey houses issue is alsoto do with series, they do not know how to get episode 2.

I could resolve that for the zoo, but the interest seems low, as to my problem many of the wiki articles seem to be bereft of entries (my blog), and imdb is also of little help.

A no brainer gnutls v modssl

I like gnutls (my blog) it again was attack proof from logjam although that seems to affect weaker pki than what i use. However in apache modssl gets the most attention and unless i recompile apache and everything else on wheezy (my blog) i am not going to get tls 1.1 with modssl. with the 2.2 branch.

jesseSo gnutls is a no brainer. It will be interesting to see if when I go to Jesse (as in stable not debian testing) i keep with gnutls or go back to issue encumbered openssl.

Somehow i think gnutls is going to win that.

Sieve in the wild

sieveThe zoo has a complex cyrus imap server (my blog) that just works* despite hosting four zoos email on it in separate namespaces.

I was never bothered about sieve until recently after having the server do sieve as it depends of who you believe that the port reference number keeps changing**. Apparently it’s port was in the 2000’s and shared with something else but 4190 is now the thing. It was sort of there but i was missing a few steps

Eventually after ten or so years i decide to fix it  I had to do some brief chown’ing of files as well but it looks good.  Hell even web clients can do it once you set a home for the files in your zoo.cyrus.conf file say.

sievedir: /var/lib/sieve/zoo1

spoungebobhomeI like cyrus for imap despite the confusion on where sieve should live.

* several distros, and versions later  ** you can change the assignment in an etc file.