Microsoft as a yearly subscription business

tux_and_beasty_costumesI use Linux so i do not come from your average scoble microsoft fanboy point of view when the average blogger does a mircrosoft product release.

Windows 10 is apparently free for a year, then you pay for it. I can argue that you do not need updates (my blog) and with wga broken why bother with buying microsoft on a new pc/thing.  Then Linux begins to make a lot of sense. Andriod (boots linux) is also a go’er. Steam os (based on debian linux) – see a trend? is the games thing.

Do you need windows 10 ?

This is not to say paid software has a place but ubuntu (a desktop linux) does most of what a windows 10 thing would do.

It will be an interesting experiment

2 responses

  1. my ongoing concern about Linux is regarding drivers for the devices I want to use…and sites I want to vist…i’m not a programmer, i’m lazy and quite used to a automatic…btw, didn’t ms buy up Linux???

  2. The driver issue is something to do with acpi, manufacturers where using version 2, where as linux where version 5. microsoft is not bleeding edge in one respect.

    Linux is independent, sure there are now useless tools from microsoft available in linux but you dont have to install them or program with them.

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