The bbc license fee and the two party system

twopartyThe bbc is funded by a license fee which means that if we ever watch it (my blog*) then there are no adverts here in the zoo.  Things get a bit more complicated with the bbc international channels where foreigners see adverts.

The bbc is not the sole benefactor of this yearly fee with a television but somehow with the usual suspects (my blog) in charge of politics and media mean that it is a bit of an old boys club.

If democracy is your thing i suggest that television coverage is not a good place to see it.  Sure red and blue get coverage but smaller parties (my blog) don’t get a look in or when they do its a set-up staged by the media.  Journalists of the bbc have super injuctioned (my blog) news too.

It** also likes to sweep problems away for the main parties.  There should be a place for debate and views but with such tokenism at work with an election this year that debate and views are missing in action or skewered after all Kang is Kodus right.

The party i vote for does not get coverage and if it does passes or fails on five second sound bites.  Good to see that democracy is reduced to that.  Mind you if tv news is useless then by not watching it means i relegate those kang or kodus supporters to no influence and that is one way to annoy people whom need the publicity as much as air.

* not recently  **the funding system