In plain sight,Dan Davies


Rapist with war criminal

isbn: 9781782067436 is a sideways look at Jimmy Salvile and the inability of biographers and news media to detect his love of children although his team of lawyers kept many silent.

This an Orwell prize listee despite Dan Davies meeting the man and being somewhat obsessional he at least knows his subject.

I suppose the lesson to be learnt from this is that biographers are lazy and so means there books can be deemed as simple brand pr.  The issue for reporters is that the truth,and that pay for stories culture (my blog with bonus sex criminal) reduces the ethic of journalism.

Bananas knows somebody who appeared with him on his bbc tv show and we apes joked about them and the matter was soon dropped. But not many can say they have not heard of Jim despite the rumours that reached even me as a chimp here in the zoo.

Anyhow untangling the lies and deceit is a job and here is Mr Davies a reporter comes in to bat as nether a reporter or a writer but truth without libel lawyers to worry him, a first conclusion is Salvile was raped and which he carried on the tradition.

Fame came late (+20 years) with the introduction of the record player  when word of this person who appealed to the version one teenager.   Although moving around and knowing lots of policemen seems to paid off.

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman

Another view could be argue is that the morals of 2010 are being applied to 1950’s england. Something Harriet Harmon might know something about although she might be silent on the subject.

His later ‘charity’ work is perhaps when the love and the establishment cover ups really started to happen this is where charities and the nhs don’t mix (my blog), fame meaning his last bbc victim was recorded in 2006 and something finally began ringing alarm bells in the bbc although the suppression  of this story for a tribute says something about the large hole the bbc is digging for itself still with Jim.

Like most his victims came from broken families, strays or unwittingly chance encounters who if reported where ignored as Jimmy could sack that civil servant / nurse very few people ever acted and challenged the man directly which was one cruise liner captain.

So here in 2015 only now is a full picture emerging something that lawyers , the bbc, nhs, charities and police will have a hard time admitting that what happened was totally ok.

3/5 bananas

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