words without music, Philip Glass

la-1838462-et-0419-la-phil-glass-review-5-brv-jpg-20140418isbn: 97805711323722 is a composer i like (my blog) and i have cd’s of his stuff.  You probably have heard his stuff in films which is his most mainstream, and with the odd pop music collaboration before i mention opera and those more posher forms.

I dont like all of his stuff, but then neither do the media, or the opera snobs, not forgetting the classical music freaks who pretend anything after 1750 is pop music.

I like Akhnaten, and the CIVIL warS which i have never seen but Robert Wilson staged and i have seen his Galileo piece live so your not going to hear them on classic radio stations and as Glass is not dead and so breaks the 1750 rule.

Other collaborations include with ibm and a then multimedia java player which was cool but probably is now well broken (my blog) that was before streaming films and music became normal. So there is something going on much to the disgust of your average double barrelled named classical radio ‘expert’.

Glass is an interesting character who is a baby boomer who hit the late fifties and sixties and met some interesting people.

The book is brief but well written enough for me to connect the dots on what i know.

3/5 bananas.




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