The ship,Antonia Honeywell


unintentionally has a boat pun

isbn: 9780297671491 is a book that might be genre but the powers that be in book publishing have decided it is not and is a ‘real’ book.

Anyhow with the ‘if you say so moment’ over and done with i suggest you too bathe in margarine like i did after all everyone is doing it these days.

It’s a dystopia so that might a way of distinguishing it from children’s books and films.

So the worlds turning a brown colour and one man and his family use a ship to save it.

First 100 pages are teen angst ridden as mommy dies on route from a famous museum in London to a ship and it takes a step towards pioneer societies and that adam and eve moment but we do not get there.

soylentgreenRedistribution is the word here once on the boat quite where all the never ending food and other stuff came from is a plot point not really addressed or you might accuse the trip planners of causing the world to die.  Excitement comes from folding bed sheets and football.  See that butter bath tub sounds great fun now doesn’t it?

This is a boat to nowhere but remember its “literature” so you have to love it otherwise your not cultured or something. 1/5 bananas

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