Gambling adverts – why the house always wins

I do not do Gambling (my blog), but the gambling industry does like to advertise and that is where Bananas see logic failings. If you gamble that’s your choice and i am not judging anybody. Just the terms like..

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceFirst up are the odds that some firms mention and others do not one offers 100-1 odds, so i assume that the other 99 times you lose.

Now assuming that x million currency was won i assume that at 100-1 thats a 1% payout meaning 99% of the odds are won by the gambling company for there expenses and profit.

Now i also  hear from these adverts that they offer million* currency jackpots.  But then there are some exclusive to them and i assume others shared by other companies players jackpots so those odds might go fro 100-1 to 400-1.

The world of gambling might be a dynamic environment but the house still wins.

* not in inflationary countries

by golly but...

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