Hack Attack,Nick Davies

not supposed to be read by anybody

not supposed to be read by anybody

isbn: 978070187309 is an Orwell prize list nominated and a book on Rupert Murdochs (my blog) phone hacking operation. Hopefully it will be better than this (my blog). The lesson being neutral rather than being an actual piece on the chess board.

Nick Davies starts from the beginning and plods along and after the fact makes this a good read but it does raise questions about the misuse of ripa* and when the police get cosy with the media.

Another interesting fact with with Max Clifford (my blog) who was compensated in the form guaranteed sales of ‘exclusives‘ (my blog) to the value of a million pounds.  I wonder if that ever happened in light what happened as Cllifford got scooped.

One question not answered is do the murdochs have access to sky clients data and phone calls.  I assume yes.

Overall the Murdoch family has been shown up as crooks and liars and corrupt in there boardroom activities so being a shareholder means absolutely zero in influence terms.  But somebody will try and be crook like Murdoch again.

5/5 bananas.

I can also recommend a firefox extension called firerupert, if you occassionally visit a murdoch page it will alert you.

* a law that captures data to be misused.

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