Returning to obscurity.

guess who this person is

guess who this ‘famous” person is

Bananas awoke one morning and read in a newspaper broadsheet that some bbc tv presenter was moving to chav tv (my blog). I did not know this person who apparently was ‘famous’ for doing something else and so it appears that the presenting aspect is not the be all and end all of life [not that i do a lot television viewing to begin with].

My brain then reminds that while the move is probably motivated with a cash incentive the fate of such people means a healthy return to obscurity.

Having not watched either the person or the channels in question who does this person replace ? Well not being totally unaware there once where two bbc presenters that did the same thing. They failed to bring in the viewers and i think they used to get an occasional once a blue moon job of reading an autocue.

It is no loss but it shows that while chav tv might have cash they are also unsentimental.

by golly but...

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