Film notes

Every once in blue moon i do something like below.  It will be a while until the next lot.


imdb: tt2258858 was something that should have been on at 3am because of subtitles and not having superheroes in but instead got a showing at a decent hour on television.  A film from Saudi Arabia and worth seeing


imdb: tt1531901 was a dvd release so not sure this even made it to a cinema along with the other films that seemed to go straight to shiny plastic land.

This film focuses on vampires and has an interesting take and location.  I liked it


imdb: tt2209764 sounded interesting although again it seemed not to get a cinema release.  Focusing on technology it is sort of the best forbin project* we are likely to get although the main star is a  bit wooden and there is a lot of faraday cages**. Its meaning is contrived and convoluted at the end where both the status quo and benefits are lost to an era of no electrical things. Meh.

* made in 1970 or something and despite the wrongness of many concepts by today still stands up as worthy ai film ** although there is some weird science involved in this film.

by golly but...

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