So what happened to the words?

Bananas caught up with some newer films on free television* as repeats in January after not being available to see them over the december period that i did not see and once could be found in a cinema and i wondered what happened to the dialogue or words.

Example one is John Carter and is a film by Disney set on mars, it cost more than three pence, and took half of a penny. There was lots of action but no words. I had no idea what was going on although happily ever after seems to have been the ending having missed most of it.

Copyright was also a cost for Disney, although perhaps wrecking 1912 release is a longer term business decision.  The mechanics of devaluing*** Edgar Rice Burroughs property perhaps are now more important with the ever extending copyright terms.

Keeping it Disney the rebooted muppets went meta, oh well.but i suppose that was sort of predictable.  They made a sequel so i am sure they ended good** on that, it was dinner time again in the zoo as well so i have no idea how that ended.

Another example was avengers assemble which i also missed most of bar the last thirty minutes and also I dont know who captain america is or thor being not an american comics fan from the 1940’s that did not have a great deal of words in either.

So that’s three popular films for you.  Lets say i am glad i did not purchase them in any form and i will stick to the stuff that does not even get considered for cinema release.

* not things of must see importance, please remember my dislike of Rupert Murdoch products. ** missing most of it.*** this comes to mind.

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