policyd-spf in debian 8 and remaining upgrade issues

mehI had issues with this (my blog) so having five instances of postfix i reintroduced it,  I have no idea why nobody works and the other policyd-spf user does not.  However policyd-spf  does induce

postfix/smtpd[x]: warning: problem talking to server
private/spf-policy: Connection reset by peer

So change policyd-spf in master.cf, and add the spf checks in main.cf otherwise it will not get called.

policyd-spf  unix  -       n       n       -       0       spawn
            user=policyd-spf argv=/usr/bin/policyd-spf

And its  working again with the appended  0.and slighty different argv  – another two instances to change in the zoo.  Needs some tinkering and reading of the document in /usr/share/doc/postfix-policyd-spf-python/README.debain

200px-Gremlins_think_it's_fun_to_hurt_you._Use_care_always._Back_up_our_battleskies^_-_NARA_-_535381Cyrus imap also had a problem with /usr/sbin missing binaries which the cyrus.conf picks up they do exist and have since moved to /usr/lib/cyrus/bin.  It did not affect mail delivery but your see what i mean if you run it.

Mod_defensible in apache 2.4 does work but not from the repo’s, download it from the debian site and the files show up – dont ask me why. but it works remember the config goes in apache2.conf

One thing i dont have much clue on in is postgressql upgrading (9.1  to 9.4) i have both so i will ignore that one for the time being

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