an alternative perception of Dyson vacuum cleaners

man not included

man not included

Vacuum cleaners are not exciting blog topics so if your expecting something better then lets say it is an one off.

Still here ? well the art department here on the zoo had an falling out with there’s and so i had a look at these Dyson** things which i found out are expensive even with a £100 trade in.  But i suppose that’s legal fees* for you.

So i did a sideways take on the thing and looked at second hand dyson’s.  These things are easy to find and come in several variants of broken.  I have no ideal what sort of life they had but spare parts seemed pricey and like those makes seem to be uneconomic to fix.

My look was soon stopped when the art dept found a non dyson replacement for the price of a trade in.  Its bag less too.

* patents are something big companies ignore ** not the other famous Dyson from yesterday.

by golly but...

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