A sunday with no internet access

shh.jpgBananas was in the monkey house one sunday when i decided to power down our server and the rest of our routers** and hubs. The room stopped humming.  I did this as the hardware was not doing a lot and i had a large upgrade to do (my blog) on the monday and why not.

It remained off so after the zoo shut for the day what did we do ? well after washing up, defrosting a fridge – which i would have done anyhow, getting rid of crap and all those other jobs mammals do well we watched two hours of tv (over the air).  I thought the tv news bulletins limited and the content ok but basic.

That guy from equus

That guy from equus

There is of course the (radio fm and retarded dab) which again is inoffensive but from a saint sigmound freud perspective where the internet is considered bad – after all ‘addiction’ means sessions with people who ask questions like how is your relationship with your mother.

I did not feel cut off, although there was less interaction does that make me a psychopath (my blog) I certainly had a quiet night in the zoo.  However it seems less social interaction is deemed good by these brain people which sort of flies in the logic that meeting people of finding out stuff rather than being spoon fed mass entertainment and palatable news* (my blog) is better than the internet.

Eventually i went and slept in my usual  tree, and in the morning told the tribe to piss off from reading email while i did a large operation and not really doing a lot of internet during it.


Brain rotting too

I have to say i find this reasoning that the internet is bad odd except that it only enhances the status of psychologists and there quaint opinions who have no doubt also had a go at blaming television, radio too probably as well for being ‘new’.  Mind you this all might be crazy talk right ?

* no dead people upsetting shit etc ** plural

by golly but...

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