Snobby actors and the bbc

asbo in an morning suit

asbo in an morning suit

Bananas was in the zoo security office (my blog) and Charlie had one of those ancient 1970 dr who episodes on that have wobbly walls and never see the light of day on bbc channels remastered or not.

In this episode there was a public schoolgirl who talked posh, a middle aged man helper as well for the doctor.

It all looked a bit crap to ‘new’ eyes.  However that is not the point that 1970’s dr who is err pretty rubbish.

ritaOne thing that ‘concerns’ arty humans is that you have to be posh be an actor  Tenant (think dr who) is a millionaire brewer.  The Redgraves (my blog) are automatically inherited actor roles.

So where does that leave ‘working’ class types ? Buggered if the bbc in the 1970’s is anything to go on.

myfairladySomehow i think that social mobility is a blip in acting.

Anyhow when they make this blog into a film* i want my part to given to a posh actor who went to private school.  I can give some tips for a fee after all they have the cash..

* joking

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